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Bradshaw, David Awaken the dawn

(Artikelnr: 9781636410067)
What if the presence of God became so real in people’s hearts that it revived the church and ushered in the next Jesus Movement?
From the Upper Room in Jerusalem to the Moravian community in Germany, God’s personal presence always changes everything. Awaken the Dawn chronicles the story of a movement of day-and-night worship, prayer, creativity, and mission that is impacting America and the nations by bringing the presence of God into our cities and campuses. This story is part of the same movement David pioneered when he served as the greatest king in Israel’s history and that the Book of Acts chronicles as God’s presence filled communities.
It’s time for a generation to find their voice in the symphony of creative worship, prayer, and gospel proclamation that God is orchestrating. Jesus’ way of changing the world is surprising and exhilarating and is certainly the opposite of the systems of the world. This book will help you find your part in Jesus’ plan by discussing:
  • What God’s presence is and how it changes our hearts
  • Incredible stories of God’s activity in the nation and what He is saying through them
  • God’s values and how He brings transformation and mercy
  • Why Jesus is central to all that the Holy Spirit is doing
This book will equip you to be a part of Jesus’ astounding storyline for a great spiritual awakening.  It will give you hope and keys on how God is unfolding his mission of mercy and transformation and how you can be a part of it.
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