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Gods at war - Idleman, Kyle

Artikelnr: 9780310318842

There may be no wooden or golden idols in your home, such as the ancient Israelites struggled with, but chances are, there are significant idols in your heart. These idols can look like normal, everyday concerns about security, financial stability, desire for attention or affection, but can easily become the ugly reality of anxiety, greed, and seeking approval of man, rather than God.

In Gods at War, Kyle Idleman addresses the issue of idolatry in the lives of believers by asking insightful questions that will help you determine which false gods are striving to sit on the throne of your heart. By sharing true and powerful testomonies of those who have struggled with the idols of money, sex, success, food and romance, Idleman clears away the cultural baggage of the 21st century to expose these gods for what they are--rivals to our unhindered devotion to Christ. Discover the freedom that awaits you when you allow the true God to reside unchallenged in your heart and life.


224 pages

21.6 x 14 cm

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