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Dirty Glory - Go Where Your Best Prayers Take You - Pete Greig

Artikelnr: 9781473631717

How much do we really know about prayer?

About what it is, what it does, and where it can lead us?

For years now Pete Greig has made it his cause and calling to open up prayer, and through it drastically alter what we think as possible. This is what inspired the 24-7 Prayer Movement. The idea of committing so wholly to prayer that not a single hour is left unfilled with prayer. Red Moon Rising bore witness to this movement, charting its first five years and the changes that came with total commitment to prayer.

Now, in Dirty Glory, Pete Greig deepens his exploration of prayer by looking at how encountering God through prayer, and what his presence achieves, is still the same powerful rejection of back-slapping status quo.

This is a book for the dissatisfied; those people who don't seek change, but expect it.

These true stories of God's phenomenal impact across the world are not just stories to give you hope. They're there to stretch your belief in what is possible with God, to seek Glory in the ruin and rubble, and to bring action in despair.

Dirty Glory won't inspire you to pray with comfy stories or healing, but rather show that there is only ever one response to wanting to see God move...To Pray and to Go.

Paperback - 256 pages - 23.4 x 15.3 cm.

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